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Financial Gain is a locally owned and managed business. We support each Client over the medium to long term, helping to reduce debt and accumulate assets. By taking advantage of our excellent relationships with our business partners, we are able to provide a holistic approach to financial planning. This includes investment property advice, tax strategies, accounting advice, legal advice, insurance, and financial services such as mortgage broking.

The aim of Financial Gain is to help each Client:
•Decrease personal debt

•Increase financial security

•Develop financial independence

Financial Gain helps their Clients to achieve these objectives by offering a broad range of financial services, and establishing a long-term relationship with each Client.

We help Clients achieve their financial goals by focusing on the development of realistic strategies. This strategic approach to investing allows us to ensure that our Clients understand how and why each investment will work for them, and how they will complement the Client’s strategy. The investments we recommend are designed to offer security, income and the opportunity for capital growth.

Why are we unique?

Because we are:

• A profitable Trans-Tasman company that has already assisted thousands of New Zealanders and Australians structure their finances and acquire asset-accumulating investments

•A proven structure that combines financial services, risk management and investment products, focused on maximising returns and security for our Clients

•A company that has committed to providing all Clients with written strategies documenting how, where and why we are recommending various strategies or investments.

•A company that respects each Client’s privacy and treats confidential information with care (see below).

•A business that is a member of the Australian FPA and complies with both that body’s Code of Ethics, and also with the rigorous requirements of ASIC.

•A business that can provide financial planning, investment options and access to the property markets, in both Australia and New Zealand.

•A growing business driven by a strong management team. This team understands that providing a holistic financial planning service means considering all types of investments before making recommendations.

•A business that practices what we preach: the directors and employees use the same strategies and tactics for their own wealth creation as those recommended to Clients.

•A company that knows we will grow to be this region’s leading provider of asset accumulation services and financial products only by ensuring the thorough satisfaction of our increasingly loyal Clients.

It is this combination of factors that make Financial Gain different from other companies.